About Us

About Best in Show
From Passion to Excellence:

Bob Dabney built a wonderful career and business in Louisville. He has been selling across the Louisville area and beyond for 6 decades. Through old-fashioned cold calling, follow-up and excellent customer service, he built an awesome promotional apparel, promotional product and print services company beginning in 2012 with River City Printed Products.

I joined the team as the new owner, and I have rebranded as Best In Show Branded Products. Bob is going to continue right on in his capacity as salesman extraordinaire.

With 16 years experience as a photographer and business owner, I bring a new vision to grow even larger the awesome company that Bob has started with him as my mentor.

Our goal at Best In Show Branded Products is to listen to our clients and then make proposals that make sense for them. Intention and customer service will be our calling cards.

The one that truly keeps this ship headed in the right direction is our wonderful graphic designer, Wendi! She is amazing, and she can help you bring your vision into full color. Wendi brings many years of design and customer service experience to round out the Best In Show team.

We look forward to working with you!

Joe Hulsey, Owner